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Department of Tourism English

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College of Hospitality and Leisure
Group: Hospitality and Leisure
International Admission: Bachelor

Department of Tourism English

Educational Objectives

  1. Equip students with English proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  2. Cultivate students’ English application abilities in tour guides.
  3. Equip students with English application abilities in hospitality industries.
  4. Cultivate students’ English application abilities in business English.
  5. Equip students with innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  6. Equip students with the professional ethics of engagement and the abilities in interpersonal communication.

Curriculum Design
The curriculum design focuses on the fundamentals of linguistic culture and the selective courses in the specialized fields. And the specialized curriculum design is divided into two modules:

  1. Module of English employees for tour guides.
  2. Module of English employees for hospitality industries.

Development Features

  1. Cultivate the professionals with great proficiency in English to improve English employees’ English literacy.
  2. Cultivate the professionals of tourism and hospitality English to promote the local culture and to strengthen the international links.
  3. Cooperate with the teachers from Department of Food and Beverage Management, Tourism Management, Leisure and Sports Management, and with the related core curriculum design to cultivate the professionals with international competitiveness.

Teaching Facilities

  1. General labs: multimedia lab, language lab, classroom with digital desk.
  2. Special facilities for practice: lab of guide simulation, Lab of electronic commerce, practice restaurant, practice coffee shop, and children’s English learning classroom.


Advanced Study
Students can study in domestic or foreign graduate institutes of English, tourism, leisure industry, hospitality industry, etc.

FEU is located in Tainan County, which is rich in diet, culture and tourism resources. And FEU is also near Southern Taiwan Science Park, Yong-kang and Shinshih Industrial Park so the graduates can be easily employed.

  1. Tourism: travel agency, airline company, tourist hotel, and public or private leisure industries.
  2. Hospitality: restaurant, hotel, and public or private leisure industries.
  3. Start own business or take an English examination for public employment.
Others: day care center for English teaching, cram school, accomplishments center, trading company, customs broker, and translation agency.
Nov 15, 2017