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College of commerce and management
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor

1. Equipping students with theory and practical techniques, and cultivating professional personnel to meet industrial demands for marketing and logistics management.
2. Equipping students with abilities of occupation, and cultivating professional personnel about practical marketing and logistics management.
3. Equipping students with creative thinking, and cultivating professional personnel about information technology and management.
4. Equipping students with career ethics and teamwork, integrating characteristics of holistic education, and improving students’ humanity spirit and abilities to communicate.

There are 15 professional teachers, including 6 associate professors, 3 assistant professors and 6 lecturers. Eight of the 9 professors acquire professional doctor’s degree and the other lecturers are doing doctor’s degree.

In addition to general management courses, the curriculum program is divided into two parts, marketing and logistics. This program teaches students to think of the challenges of business operation through the innovative and creative thinking. The students are also asked to know well the newest development of management techniques and to notice the evolution of ecological chains of business. On the other hand, students’ chances of practice and visiting outside class will be increased in order to cultivate professional personnel with theorem and practice in the fields of marketing and logistics.

1. Actively cultivating professional and diverse personnel about marketing and logistics.
2. Curricula emphasizing the combination of theorem and practice.
3. Valuing the academic research and university-industry cooperation.
4. Actively equipping students with abilities of marketing and logistics about creative products.

Professional Software:
Top Boss, Boss, Balanced Scorecard, Program of Business Resource and Server, Website Server, ILOG, SIMPLE++, Logistics Management, Quality Management, Achievement assessment, AREMOS, Financial Management and Analysis of Business, STATISTICA.

Professional classrooms of practical training
l Marketing programming.
l Electronic Commerce.
l Simulation of chains.

Nov 15, 2017