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Mold and Plastic Processing Center

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Mold and Plastic Processing Center was prepared on October in 2000 and was established in 2002. The goal for the center is to apply the plastic to create a wonderful life. Therefore, the center is a place where could make teachers to combine the theory with practice to improve the teaching quality. Furthermore, the center offers the professional courses, train mold and molding, and corporate with industrials. This center has 5 staffs including director and deputy director and specialist to promote the development of research. We also invite relevant professional person to join us to help the center to develop with its professional knowledge. The office is located in the 8th floor of comprehensive building and the processing factory is located in the 1st floor of chemical building. The present works are listed in the following items.
1. Integrated Injection Molding System:
The purpose to develop integrated Injection molding system is to design the molded product that could be fitted in 3C industry with a short time. This integrated system includes part design, structural stress analysis, plastic material chosen, plastic flow simulation, mold drawing design, molding technology, molding test, and quality control. The technology includes Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Tooling, CAD/CAM/CAE, and injection molding machine.

2. Mold Technology::
Mold includes injection mold, extrusion die, blow mold, and rotation mold.
(1) Applying CAE to design mold.
(2) Applying 3D CAD to shorten the design time.
(3) Applying advanced CNC machine to make mold.
(4) Applying advanced tooling, such as RP.
3. Advanced Injection molding technology:
(1) MuCell Molding.
(2) Overmolding.
(3) In-mold Engineering: In-mold Decoration, In-mold Labeling, In-mold Coating, In-mold Photo.
(4) Molded Interconnect Device (MID).
(5) Water-assisted Injection Molding.
(6) Air-assisted Injection Molding.
(7) Twin-shot Co-injection Molding.
(8) Micromolding.
4、Compounding Technology:
(1) High HDT Biodegradable Plastic.
(2) Functional Polyblend.
Far East University
Mold Engineering & Plastic Processing Research Center
Director, Peming Peter Hsu
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Dec 16, 2014