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Established in 1968, the Library started as a small, regional, providing access for college needed. Today the Library, redesigned in 2005, has expanded its range of resources and services to match the growth of the University. The library is located in the library information building. The floor area consists of a ground floor and five floors above the ground with the 8050 square meters in total area.

In the library are the following sections and rooms: Chinese and Western books section, Journal section, reading section, theme special section, newspaper section, ranking display section, new published book display section, data retrieval section, group seminar room, study room, audiovisual center, K book center, etc. Since 1996, the museum has adopted fully automatic management with current Hylib, an automated management system.

The library has a director responsible for all affairs in the library. The library has readers and technical services section. The current staff members are 7 people, two leaders and four members. Their duties are interviewing, cataloging, collection, circulation, journals, audio-visual, reference museum, database, information and other business.

In addition to providing the necessary information for teachers and students to teach and research, FEU library is more committed to cultivating reading and research. So with the development and characteristics of the school, a special collection area has been set up to provide students more diversified reading environment, and to inspire readers' more creative and reading habits. At present, the special collection has three main goals: creative thinking, the English tests, optoelectronic industry. In the future, the local cultural relics area, environmental protection ecological area, beauty area, health area will be added to the library plan.

Future development
In order to keep up with the times and environment, and keep the information update, the library pay a great attention to the equipment, collections and services so as to provide efficient information services. With the emergence of the Internet, the launch of cable channels, the emergence of diversified media, readers' receiving information, learning and research is also more open and diverse. The library is no longer the only important channel for readers to study.

In the era of high technology and high competition, the library service also needs more open thinking, forward-looking vision, and more innovative technology to support and the service way should also be more pondering with the times, So this can make the library keep up with the times. This is the future goal the library will achieve.

Aug 3, 2017