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Far East University, which was formerly Far East Junior College of Technology established in 1968, was upgraded on Aug. 2006. General Education Center, which was previously the Common Subject Office, is located on the third floor in the Austerity Building. Since 2006, Dr. Chan, Tien-yin has been working as the director. The center includes three normal administrative system: administrative section, teaching section and service learning section.

In order to implement the general education and the establishment of school characteristics, the Center also set up ethics and moral education center to strengthen the promotion of character education, and set up arts center to promote art activities. In addition, various tasks committees are also established. The center, in line with our educational goals, takes into account the principle of professional competence development and upholds the concept of "holistic education" to cultivate modern quality students with critical thinking and problem-solving ability, respect for life-care society, and humanistic and scientific literacy.

1. FEU educational goals
Cultivating professional talents with humanistic accomplishment, ethical concept and creative thinking and problem solving ability.

2. Educational goals of the center
(1) Cultivating modern citizens with humanistic qualities.
(2) Cultivating modern citizens with creative thinking and problem solving ability.
(3) Cultivating modern citizens who are willing to serve the society, care and respect for life.

3. Students' core competencies
(1) Equipped with multicultural care and aesthetic humanities.
(2) Equipped with Innovative thinking and problem solving abilities.
(3) Equipped with teamwork and communication skills.
(4) Equipped with moral cultivation and information application ability.
(5) Equipped with basic language abilities.

4. Development features
The Center aims to equip students with the liberal arts education and creative practice. In addition to student-centered aspects, not only will the basic capacity of the curriculum planning be strengthened, the learning level expanded and the potential development and practical use strengthened, but the students' civic literacy and practical spirit of action will be also enhanced. Therefore. the main development focuses on "creative exploration and practice", "cultivating Chinese reading and writing skills", "life aesthetics practice", and "implementing services and caring". At present. the " Citizen Passport" is linked with the previous four items and considered as a potential general curriculum to build up a sound general education.

Nov 15, 2017