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Office of Academic Affairs

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Office of Academic Affairs
The office focuses on the education and cultivation for students to make various work plans and teaching measures with the mutual cooperation with all the staff members. These have made a great effect on all the academic affairs. For example, the quality of freshmen has been stable with excellently learning atmosphere; all the students in school concentrate on their studies; the graduates are excellent to be praised and welcomed by the business. In addition, those who have had independent entrepreneurship or studied abroad can achieve success. These are all proved to win the praise from the society.
Since the foundation of FEU, this office have made such excellent performance under the hard work of several deans. In the near future, we will focus on the following priorities:
First, improve the teaching environment.
Second, enhance the teaching quality.
Third, pay attention to the practical drilling.
Fourth, strengthen the humanities.
Fifth, cultivate the creative thinking abilities.
Sixth, professional and technical personnel with ethics and humanistic quality.

Aug 3, 2017