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Department of Electrical Engineering

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College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor

The objective of the electrical engineering department is to offer undergraduate programs with as much emphasis on theory as on practice as we continue the education of junior college graduates, high-school and vocational school graduates. The curriculum is designed to provide students with fundamental knowledge and abilities on electric components and systems. In addition, more advanced courses in the fields of electric power technology, automatic control systems and optoelectronic semiconductor are provided to develop students' skills on diversified fields of electrical engineering.
Tainan is located in the center of southern Taiwan where the industrial development is prominent. Far East University is located near South National Science Park. The graduates of our department are equipped with excellent prospects in employment.
  Currently, the number of teachers is 25, with 2 classes each year for the four-year program, and 1 class for the two-year program, totally approximately 400 undergraduates.

Research Focus:

electric power technology automatic control systems optoelectronic semiconductor

Nov 15, 2017