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E-Mail: emily0823@mail.feu.edu.tw
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Personnel Office takes charge of everything about personnel management at school, from the staff’s employment to their retirement and other welfare. The staff and assistants help to deal with the staff’s organization, employment, transference, salary audit, performance evaluation, and insurance, attendance management, training and research, reward assessment, compensations and pensions, and many other welfare matters.etc.

In order to promote qualities of staff and administration, the Personnel Office will constantly improve itself and provide the most efficient and satisfactory service by abiding by its promises to be “innovative, professional and helpful.”
The Personnel Office also provides the following services:
- Assisting departments and administrative offices in recruiting, staffing, and leaving, including full-time, part-time and foreign teachers, plus all types of other staff.
- Managing employees’ work performance, promotion, and annual job evaluation, including attendance record.
- Coordinating employees’ benefit, insurance, and retirement plans.
- Offering continuing education and tuition assistance programs for full-time employees’ spouses and children.
- Accepting and solving grievances and overseeing equal employment policies.

Aug 3, 2017