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College of Design
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International Admission: Bachelor

Our department was originally named Department of Computer Application Engineering in 1998 and the graduate institute of Computer Application Engineering was founded in 2009. Department of Computer Application Engineering was renamed Industrial Design in 2013. The purpose is to cultivate students in industrial design and also equip students with computer skills, arts and crafts skills and manufacturing expertise, which can be fully applied to the field of industrial design in response to the new trend of industrial design. There are presently 15 specialized and experienced professional teachers, 13 of whom are PhD teachers. All of the teachers have the qualifications of professors, associate professors and assistant professors. Recently, some experts with practical experience in industries have been hired as collaborative teaching teachers. Scholars or specialists with professional expertise are often invited to make professional lectures. This is extremely helpful for teachers and students in understanding the information about technological development and R & D process in industries. And the atmosphere of innovation design is formed.

(1) Equip students with industrial design expertise.
(2) Equip students with humanities and creative thinking.
(3) Equip students with professional ethics and teamwork ability.

Students’ core competencies:
(1) Equipped with applied science and arts and humanities.
(2) Equipped with planning with modern tools and abilities to design industrial products.
(3) Equipped with abilities to use computers as an aid to solve the problems about design, simulation, and production or other practical problems.
(4) Equipped with abilities of communication, expression and teamwork.
(5) Equipped with abilities of innovative thinking, discovery, analysis and problem-solving skills.
(6) Equipped with abilities of lifelong learning.
(7) Respect professional ethics and fulfill social responsibility.

Emphasis on Development:
Through the improvement of traditional industrial education, the academic research and technical training are oriented to industry application technology to train professionals needed by industries. Especially in terms of professional training based on computer hardware and software applications, the integrated teaching and research is promoted to be committed to the integration of diverse technologies and to the implementation of research and development of core technology. With the integration of the teaching resources and research and the standard curriculum planning, there are three major development directions as follows.
(1) Computer-aided product design and application (Industrial product design and creative mechanism design).
(2) Computer-aided production and applications (Plastic products and mold development, metal forming technology).
(3) Computer-aided thermal hydraulic analysis and application (Electronic thermal transfer technology and shock wave application).

Nov 15, 2017