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Office of Student Affairs

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E-Mail: student_af@mail.feu.edu.tw
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Dean of Student Affairs
Department of Extracurricular Activities
Public Health & Health Center
Students Counseling Center
Department of Personal Counseling
Military Advisors

Office of Student Affairs
The mission of Student Affairs is to create a climate which promotes the personal and intellectual development of students by providing programs, services, and educational experiences which promote the academic success of FEU students and enhance the quality of campus life. These programs and services are geared toward supporting the mental, social, and physical growth and development needs of our students in a healthy, safe, and intellectually-challenging environment. The Office serves as a primary link between students, faculty, and the administration of the University.

The Students Affairs Office is a general resource for students and will advocate for students when appropriate. Staffs in the Student Affairs Office often help develop, articulate, disseminate and enforce University rules, regulations, and policies.

Department of Extracurricular Activities
This service of Department of Extracurricular Activities consists of the following categories:
‧ Consultation on Organizational Training
‧ Consultation on Club Periodicals Publication
‧ Consultation on Cultural Activities
‧ Consultation on Academic Activities
‧ Consultation on General Affairs
‧ Club Events Consultation

Public Health & Health Center
The services provided by the Health Center include Nurse your external injure and medical supplies Provided. The mission of the Health Center is to promote and enhance students' good health and well-being which supports student success and enhances the quality of campus life at FEU. Our mission includes a strong educational component in order to promote healthful lifestyles and prepare students to become knowledgeable health care advocates and consumers. Convenient, prepaid health care, including health promotion and education, are integral student services which support students' learning, growth and achievement while at the University. Student Health supports and actively promotes the mental, social, and physical growth and development of the students in a healthy, safe, and intellectually challenging environment.

Students Counseling Center
The purpose of the counseling center is to improve the status of mental health, enhance the prevention of crises, and provide counseling services for all the students, staff, and faculty on campus.
The services provided by the counseling center are Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Psychiatry appointments, Psychological Tests and Services for new students, Courses/Lectures/Conferences in different departments.
The SPA Center and the Resource Classroom are available for all the members of FEU.

Department of Personal Counseling
The Life Personal Counseling is intended to help all students in solving difficulties occurring in school. It helps in maintaining and advancing both quality and convenience of student life. This service consists of the following categories:
‧ School dormitory
‧ Advisor System and Conduct Grades
‧ Awards and Scholarships, Part-Time Job,Exemptions
‧ Tuition loans
‧ Tuition and fee deduction for students
‧ Student handbook publication
‧ Emergency financing
‧ Moral conduct evaluation
‧ Student Insurance
‧ Motorcycle permits
‧ Lost and found, and some other services related to student life.

Military Advisors

The office is to implement the campus security and create a friendly and safe campus. improve the campus disaster prevention system, and strengthen the disaster prevention function in accordance with the four stages of "disaster reduction", "preparation", "change" and "recovery". Reviewing the potential hazards of the campus to be excluded, and continuing to enhance the security handling capacities and advisory services will effectively maintain campus peace and students' safety.

Aug 3, 2017