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Department of digital media design and management

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College of Design
Group: Design
International Admission: Bachelor

lDepartment of digital media design and management (DMDM) was founded in 2008. The university currently hosts four-year college students.

Objectives: To cultivate students with the aims of integrating information technology, creative design and management concept. The students should equip with design capability of animation, game, network multimedia.

Facilities: We own the major hardware and software facilities for teaching and research on integration of digital media design and information technology.

The major hardware facilities include virtual studio, multimedia computer room, digital musical studio, seminar room.
The software include game development system, virtual reality development system, human motion detection system, audio and video recording and digital post production.

Financial Assistances:
Far East University offers numerous financial assistances for incoming freshmen and enrolled students: institutional aid, grants, scholarship, jobs, loans, and tuition exemption.

Degree Offered:
Bachelor of Science
Career Opportunities for Students:

1.digital animation: design and planning of 2D/3D movie, MTV animation, DV movie, network movie, role playing of game
2.digital game: design and planning of video game, multimedia e-book, interactive program for education, digital video image, digital drawing,
3.Web Site Deign: design and planning of homepage, network business, network ad, interface design and network game.

Research Focus:

Students will have a thorough grounding in the key principles and practices of computing, and will have applied their software development skills and knowledge of foundational principles to the design and implementation of practical systems consisting of software and/or hardware components to meet customer requirements.

Nov 15, 2017