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Department of Materials and Energy Engineering

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College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor

Department of Materials and Energy Engineering
Department of Electronic Materials was established in 1998 and was renamed Material Science and Engineering in 2007. The graduate institute of Material Science and Engineering was founded in 2010. In 2014, Department of Material Science and Engineering merged with Department of Energy Application Engineering.

Based on student-centered employment competitiveness.
1. Equipped with theory and practice for energy and materials.
2.Equipped with application skills of green energy and materials and with the abilities of experimental design, analysis and explanation.
3.Equipped with abilities of application of green energy and materials to engineering design, analysis, production or controlling. And also equipped with the abilities to use embedded microcomputers as an aid for engineering design and practical application.
4. Equipped with abilities of teamwork, communication and expression.
5.Equipped with abilities of innovative thinking, discovery, analysis and problem-solving skills.
6. Equipped with abilities to understand how engineering technology will have an effects on the environment, society and earth and developing the habit of lifelong learning.
7. Respect professional ethics and fulfill social responsibility.

Development Features:

Material Applications Group focuses on optoelectronic nano materials, polymeric materials, ceramic materials and green materials. And the green materials cover resource recovery and biomass energy. And the optoelectronical industry, green plastic wood and building materials are strongly related to energy applications. The material engineering with the energy issue can become an outstanding feature of FEU.

Vehicle Energy and Power Group focuses on the advanced vehicle engineering, alternative energy development and technology, energy saving engineering design and applications. And three aspects about green energy saving, producing and storing are also included. The alternative energy development and technology almost overlaps with the material development so the merger between them is much more helpful to experimental teaching and research issues.

Nov 15, 2017