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Green Energy & Material Center

Tel: 886-6-5979566 ext 7905
Fax: 886-6-5977907
E-Mail: emc7905@cc.feu.edu.tw
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一、 Introduction:
Green Energy & Material Center was established January 1999. Dr. Chih-cheng Chen is the director of the center. The main target of the center is doing research in environmental materials, ex:ceramic filter, automotive catalyst ceramic support. After one and a half years, we will produce ceramic filter, As a result of this production we can advocate environment protection for Taiwan.
二、Educational objective
The educational objective of the center is to increase academic research and technological practice for our teachers. We want to help technics cooperating with industry, and can improve grate of the industry. Then we can expand the function of technological education.
To develop environmental materials for preventing water and air pollution is our center’s feature. Ceramic filter for water filtration is our initial stage of research. Ceramic filter will substitute for organic filter, because organic filters have pollution problem when they were discarded to our environment. Automotive catalyst ceramic support is our second stage of research. We will research new process to produce cheap automotive catalyst ceramic support, which can suit the third stage of preventing air pollution in Taiwan R.O.C.

Dec 16, 2014