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Secretary office

Tel: 886-6-5979566 ext 7181
Fax: 886-6-5977186
E-Mail: secretary@mail.feu.edu.tw
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Secretary office is regarded as an aides unit for assisting the school principle in the organizational structure. The main assignment from the president is to coordinate different projects of the university units.
The assignment for secretary office including: confidential affairs assigned by president and vice president, correcting document, planning & implementing important meeting, coordinating & communicating between different departments, publicity, announcing important news…etc.
From perspective of organizational functions, the office can also be seen as affair planner, coordinator, and project impeller. In addition, in order to deal with emergencies, the office can also play as an emergency problem solver.

Future goals for the office including the following:
1. Planning & implementing important projects;
2. Creating & correcting school regulation;
3. Improving the relationships with media
4. Assisting relevant committees for administrative affairs;
5. Implementing & coordinating school affairs automation;
6. Simplifying administration process to enhance efficiency.

Aug 3, 2017