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Department of Automation and Control Engineering

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College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor

History :
The Department of Automation and Control Engineering separated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and became established in its own name in August, 2000. This action was taken to promote the school’s competitive ability within Taiwanese industry and satisfy the demands of the talented people at the industrial automation.

Education Goal:
(1) To train talented people in the industrial automation technology with an aim to achieve the integration of the mechanical and electrical disciplines.
(2) To follow the tends of the internet development in order to bring updated changes in the industrial internet technology for the promotion of automation and control.
(3) To coordinate the needs of the high-tech industry such as the regulation of the automation of the semiconductor systems in Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park and to develop vision and image controlling technology.
(4) Establishing a nanotechnology center in recognition of the prospect that Nanotechnology is the key point of 21st century industrial development.

Research Focus:

Emphasis on Development:
We have designed the courses to combine automation and controlling technology. Students will learn the skills and the integrated abilities of electro-mechanical systems. Our department will create the opportunity for student to interact with technology companies in Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park in order to upgrade their knowledge. Therefore, we emphasize the students’ learning development as follows:
(1) We set up courses for students to learn automatic techniques for their career needs.
(2) To implement the internet technology in the industrial internet monitoring field by combining system analysis and control theory and integrating the application of embedded controller for achieving a higher automative and target control. (3) To coordinate technological development for Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park and to develop the knowledge of networks and vision/image techniques thereby achieving the goals of monitoring and control of the industrial network. (4) To promote the precision of mechanical control via the analysis and diagnosis in order to integrate the technology of micro/nanometer positioning controlling.

Nov 15, 2017