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College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

Department of Mechanical Engineering has already been established for more than 30 years. In 1983, a 2-year junior college program was established for night school. In 1989, a 2-year junior college program for Motor Repair Unit was set up for day school, and one more Manufacturing Unit was developed the following year.
In 1999, there was a 2-year program for Bachelor Degrees for both day and night schools and a 4-year Bachelor Degree was founded in 2001, also a Master Degree for Mechanical Engineering was established in 2002. There are over 30 teachers who are specialized professors, associate professors, assistant professors and the lecturers (more than half have doctorates). The curricula focus on both theory and practicability. The major courses concern precision manufacturing and processing, material selection, the heat control and fluid flow, automatic control, computer application and mechanical integration.

Education Goal:
Our curriculum provides the courses to integrate the students’ basic knowledge and skills for meeting the needs of technicians for industrial development. After graduation, students can work in the following fields: industrial components, mold design, precision machining, and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Also they can work in quality control, analysis, inspection and related jobs in any industrial field. Furthermore, our curriculum provides courses that enhance students’ abilities such as language, the integration of engineering, information and management, general education, automation, mechantronic integration and related microelectromechanical knowledge.

Research Focus:

Emphasis on Development:
In recent years, with the rapid development of information science and technology, the procedures for mechanical industrial systems has combined the design, the materials, the manufacture, the analysis, the mechanical and electrical technical management and the computer science and technology to achieve the goal of automated production. In order to satisfy the demands of the local precision machinery industry in Tainan, we have selected teachers according to the teachers’ specialties and the demands of the domestic industrial development. We also considered the inventions of the Asia-Pacific Regional operations center and the needs of local industry when we design our curriculum. Our curriculum emphasis is as follows:
(1) To develop the manufacturing technology for small parts.
(2) To develop the precise manufacturing and processing.
(3) To develop green energy technology.
(4) To promote factory management and maintenance technology.
(5) According to the characteristics of the development, the curriculum and course contents, we have to educate students to have professional ethical ideas, train students to practice the skills, and help them to apply them at their the employment.

Nov 15, 2017