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Department of Pop Music Industry Management

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College of Hospitality and Leisure
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International Admission: Bachelor

Department of Pop Music Industry Management

The purpose of the department is to cultivate the talents of Chinese pop music industry innovation and management, which equip students with the abilities in creative performances of the pop music industry, back-end production, and being a performing agent. The course design includes performing arts, stage design, performing arts brokerage integrated marketing, digital music creation and arranger, and other professional courses such as micro-film and stage production through the music show, which can make students learn a complete pop music industry training, upgrade the performing arts broker practice skills and internship mechanism, and  linked with the job market.

Development Goal and Features

1. With FEU original development features of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, our main purpose is to cultivate the creative talents of pop music industry innovation. Innovative thinking, planning including the popular music industry, creation and performance, back-end production, and music brokers and other integrated business model, are used to achieve the sustainable development of the pop music industry, which will create the employment opportunities of pop music lovers and enrich the pop music industry in southern Taiwan.
2. The integration of FEU Digital Media Design and Management, Product Design and Management and Cosmetic Management Department, which apply their animation and game design, film and television shooting, cultural and creative product design and stage design, and their teachers and facilities, is going to cultivate cross-disciplinary talents of pop music industry management so that music can be combined together with local culture and then linked with the international standards.
3. The integration of FEU Information Management and Computer Science & Information Engineering Department and their teachers and facilities will set up the teaching platform of popular music industry network to promote the popular music industry theory and practical skills, which can make up for the current domestic education without any related pop music department.

Mar 29, 2017