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Physical Education Center

Tel: 886-6-5979566 ext 7131
E-Mail: pe3088@mail.feu.edu.tw
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1. Comprehensive school sports.
2. Sports curriculum planning for day and night school.
3. Work for physical education credits.
4. Making and implementation of the regulations of the physical education center.
5. Budget preparation and implementation.
6. Hold a meeting of the PE Teaching Center.
7. Sports team coach planning.
8. Counseling the team planning and management.
9. Organize the school sports conference.
10. Promotion and implementation of FEU staff health.
11. Management of sports venues, teaching and management
12. Whole physical education course inspection and supervision.
13. Reply to students' message and review improvement.
14. As the head coach of the softball team.
15. Other temporary business.

Oct 6, 2017