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Office of Industrial Academic Cooperation

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1. Applying FEU teachers and equipment to personnel training and technical services to help industrial upgrading and transformation.
2. Combining creativity with integration of teachers' and students' expertise to use R & D resources, implement how to learn and use, and sustain development.
3. Developing FEU key features, pay attention to real education and special production, in order to implement the technical educational.
4. Strengthening the integration of the inter-school alliance, and actively participate in industry-university cooperation program to accumulate theoretical and practical experience and enhance the research level.
5. Promoting the development of regional industry cooperation, improving industrial competitiveness, and promoting regional economic development.
6. Assisting domestic and foreign industries in industry-academia cooperation to develop new technologies and products and provide professional and technical advice.
7. Assisting the government, enterprises or individuals in performing every test, identification, analysis, consulting and inspection and other related matters.
8. Assisting enterprises in the training of personnel, industrial process technology upgrading or product, information supply and consulting services of operation management.
9. Helping the industries and FEU teachers to carry out cooperation and exchange.
10. Providing production and cooperation platform, transferring technology and promoting practical research and development results.

Aug 3, 2017