No. Subject Date
1 Congratulations! FEU has passed all the assessments of school affairs and departments from MOE in the 2017 school year. 27-Dec-2017
2 Congratulations! FEU has become a member of GLORIA (Global Research & Industry Alliance) of Ministry of Science and Technology, the only private university of science & technology in Taiwan. 17-Oct-2017
3 Congratulations! FEU teachers and students won one silver and two bronze medals, and three excellence awards from the 2017 Cross - Strait Youth Design Competition. 13-Oct-2017
4 Congratulations! FEU Innovation Incubation Center was awarded the 2017 Merit-Incubation-Center by Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, (MOEA). 6-Oct-2017
5 Congratulations! FEU cooperative enterprises, Chen Ya Resources Technology Corp. and Reach Plastic, have received the 2017 Enterprise Award from Ministry of Economic Affairs for the “Leading Project to Entrepreneurship.” 2-Oct-2017
6 Congratulations! FEU won one championship, one first prize, and four second prizes from 2017 Undergraduates'' Application Ability and Professional English Cross-Strait Contest in Beijing. 11-Jul-2017
7 Congratulations! FEU won five Entrepreneurial Excellence awards within three years from FITI (From IP to IPO), which is sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology. 6-Jul-2017
8 Congratulations! FEU was awarded the third prize in the management group from the 2017 National Project Work Competition of Vocational and Technological College and University. 26-May-2017
9 Congratulations! FEU won five gold and one silver medal, and one special award from the 2017 Malaysia International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX). 16-May-2017
10 Congratulations! FEU won the 2017 excellence award for industry-university cooperation from Chinese Institute of Engineers. 16-May-2017
11 Congratulations! FEU, whose four works were all award-winning, won four gold medals and one special award from the 2017 Exhibition of Inventions Geneva-Palexpo. 7-Apr-2017
12 Congratulations! FEU has received a NT 49.5 million dollar grant from the Ministry of Education for having the Excellent Teaching Program in 2017. 7-Apr-2017
13 Congratulations! FEU has won one Grand Prize, one gold, four silver and two bronze medals from the 2016 Seoul International Invention Fair. 7-Dec-2016
14 Congratulations! FEU teachers and students have received two Entrepreneurial Excellence awards and won 4.26 million dollars in prize money from the 2016 FITI (From IP to IPO), which was sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology. 7-Dec-2016
15 Congratulations! FEU won one gold, two silver and one bronze meda from the 2016 International Trade Fair "Ideas-Inventions-New Products"]IENA^in Nuremberg, Germany. 1-Nov-2016