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Department of Multimedia and Game Developing Management

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College of commerce and management
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor

Development Goal

Multimedia technology and game technology are two major development goals furthermore to cultivate the management and marketing talents required by the relevant industry.

Development Features

The course design focuses on being professional and practical application to increase students' opportunities to be linked with the related industries and to achieve goals of employment after graduation. These strategies are mainly on license counseling, project planning, professional competition, as well as the arrangements for work experience and practice, to help students improve their professional skills and practical experience. The courses are to counsel students to obtain international professional certificates, such as Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)、Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)、Corel DRAW、Corel Certified Expert (CCE)、3DS Max、Maya、Unity、TIMS and ITE. Our students can participate in summer internship courses. If the internship hours are up to 320 hours, the internship credits can be acquired. All the internship units are approved for government registration with a good system and credibility of civil business enterprises. Our department is also actively promoting the information volunteer service program to make students actively participate in the MOE digital program of shortening the gap between urban and rural areas, which encourages students to go to poor areas to make contributions.


Our students can apply for the institutes of multimedia, games, digital learning, information management, marketing management, business management, e-commerce and other areas for further study after graduation.


"Multimedia technology" can be applied to digital image processing, web design and website management, digital teaching materials production, animation and special effects production, virtual reality, and reality expansion , which are the core of multimedia technology.
"Game technology" mainly includes script design, game planning, game programming, game testing, and gaming career, which are related to game developments.
"Management marketing", which is mainly towards multimedia and game industry development and product marketing, can be applied to market demand planning, marketing management, marketing planning, online marketing, e-commerce, mobile business and multimedia game industry operations and other related tasks.

Nov 15, 2017