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Deparment of Leisure and Sports Management

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College of Hospitality and Leisure
Group: Hospitality and Leisure
International Admission: Bachelor

Department of Leisure and Sports Management

Educational Objectives
Equip students with humanistic literacy, ethics, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. And the student’s core competency focuses on:

  1. Creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  2. Leisure industry management and entrepreneurship.
  3. Leisure and sports planning.
  4. Sports instruction and referee competence.

Curriculum Design

  1. General curricula: basic and general educational curricula.
  2. Professional curricula: there are three major fields:
  3. Adventure education and health-related physical fitness:

Include adventure education, behavior development, team goal development, physical fitness testing, exercise prescription, prevention of sports injuries, etc.

  1. Leisure and sports management: marketing of leisure and sports, leisure planning, leisure activity planning for staff and children, business administration of health clubs, sports meet management, entrepreneurial management, etc.
  2. Sports instruction: water activity instruction, aerobics, body-building instruction, judgment on competitive sports, leadership and communication skills, dance, ball game instruction, etc.

Development Features
The department focuses on the cultivation of theory and practice. Students’ school curricula and professional practice provide a sound basis for leisure industry management and leisure and sports planning. And the action learning and teaching strategies are implemented to set up the sports marketing center responsible for the leisure activities in Southern Taiwan Science Park. Through the industry-university cooperation, the students are provided with the opportunities for participation in the mass-event and leisure sports activity planning. The students’ practical competence and job competiveness will be improved to cultivate the leisure industry professionals able to meet the demands for social development.


Teaching Facilities

  1. Professional classroom: entrepreneurial planning classroom, case study and project classroom.
  2. Facilities for technical sections: gymnasium, high-quality fitness center, physical fitness classroom, dance classroom, table tennis classroom, billiard classroom, tennis court, judo classroom, sports injury prevention classroom, basketball court, volleyball court, softball field, soccer field, PU track, etc.
  3. Internship site: Recreation Center, warm swimming pools and gymnasium.

    (TEL:06-5889989 http://www.tvlohas.com.te/)

Advanced Study
In addition to studying in FEU Graduate Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management, the students can also study in the following graduate institutes.

  1. Leisure and sports management.
  2. Tourism.
  3. Other graduate institutes of management, or foreign related graduate institutes.


  1. Leisure and sports management.
  2. Leisure and sports planning.
  3. Coach and referee.
Game marketing and planning.
Dec 15, 2014