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Introduction to Jointing Marketing Headquarters

In view of the lack in the personnel equipped with the abilities of research and marketing for food processing industries nowadays, such industries have faced the difficulties in commercialization and internationalization. Therefore, FEU set up Jointing Marketing Center to make the FEU patented product popular and also let everyone enjoy the fortune and convenience from the products. People can live healthily and happily.
With the combination of Biotechnology Research Center, Innovation and Creativity Center, and other industries outside school, the center performs the marketing integration, commercializes and promotes products. Since the foundation of the center, the center has been assisting some related industries in participating in the domestic and international exhibitions and sales activities, including Tokyo Food Exhibition, Shanghai Food Exhibition, French International Invention Exhibition, Taipei International Invention Exhibition, Taiwan International Orchid Exhibition, etc. Through the participation in every exhibition, not only can the latest news about related industries be collected, but the related staff members can gain knowledge or product sales skills. In addition, adding practical experience to the curriculum and providing internship places can help students integrate theory with practice. This can be considered as a pre-employment training, which is helpful in equipping students with the skills needed by industries. It is hoped that students can enhance their competitiveness.

Dec 16, 2014