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Department of Innovative Design and Enterepreneurship Management

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College of Design
Group: Design
International Admission: Bachelor

Department and Graduate Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

Educational Objectives
Equip students with the abilities in innovation and entrepreneurship, creative thinking and analysis, correct evaluation and decision-making, business administration and marketing management. The specific educational objectives are:

  1. Equip students with creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  2. Equip students with entrepreneurship and innovation ability to meet the demands of industrial globalization.
  3. Cultivate excellent management talents with the combination of theory and practice, creativity and execution.
  4. Equip students with the knowledge and techniques of innovation and entrepreneurship for the future careers and business administration.

Curriculum Design
In addition to the cultivation of students’ basic innovation and entrepreneurship, three curriculum modules include the innovation and entrepreneurship of micro-business, cultural leisure, and technology. The module of micro-business innovation and entrepreneurship includes these major courses, network entrepreneurship management, electronic commerce, digital design, retail management, micro-entrepreneurship management, and introduction to otaku economy. The module of cultural leisure includes these major courses, business administration of local industries, entrepreneurship management of tourism industries, service innovation, entrepreneurship management of cultural creative industries, entrepreneurship management of leisure and recreation Industries, and customer relationship management. The module of technology innovation and entrepreneurship includes these major courses, management of intellectual property rights, patent analysis and commercialization, product development and management, innovation management of conventional industries, technology transfer and negotiation, digital products, etc.

Development Features

  1. Cultivate professional members with innovation abilities and cross-field knowledge integration. Students with the background of business or engineering can study.
  2. The teachers who were awarded the top prize by 2008 “Created in Taiwan”, and who were separately ranked first and second by UHIGH 2007 Entrepreneurship Workshop were all included in the department. They are the experienced experts on innovation and entrepreneurship to cultivate the professionals with theory and practice.
  3. Focus on the cultivation of cross-field innovation and entrepreneurship. The graduates can have many different kinds of career development.

Teaching Facilities
Network entrepreneurship classroom, innovation and entrepreneurship classroom, simulation system of circulation business administration, Patent Tech software, Worldwide Intellectual Property Search software, Mind Manager Pro software, Top-Boss software, RELEX-CREAX software.

Advanced Study
Students can study in domestic or foreign related graduate institutes.


  1. FEU is near Southern Taiwan Science Park, Yong-kang and Shinshih Industrial Park. These industries always recruit members to offer graduates various employment opportunities.
The graduates can start their own business or cooperate with others.
Nov 15, 2017