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Industrial Automation Technology Research Center

Tel: 886-6-5979566 ext 7970
Fax: 886-6-5977974
E-Mail: charly5840@cc.feu.edu.tw
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Introduction to Industrial Automation Technology Research Center

Micro-Nanotechnology R&D center was renamed Industrial Automation Technology Research Center in August, 2011. The center is located on the 2nd floor of Design Building. The center is an administration, R&D educational center. There are offices, automatic detection laboratory, precision positioning research, optical measurement laboratory, system monitoring laboratory and conference rooms. The members of the center are composed of directors and supporting teachers.
The center focuses on automatic detection, mechanical and electrical automation technology and related instruction. Combined with the automation-related research team to promote the industry-university cooperation, the center furthermore achieves the objectives of the integration of electromechanical optical integration technology and personnel training.

Dec 16, 2014