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Department of Electronic and Optoelectronic Application Engineering

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College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor

Department of Electronic and Optoelectronic Application Engineering

The department, which is merged from Electronic Engineering and Optoelectronic Engineering two departments, is re-established in 2015. The Department is under the University's College of Engineering. There are two main characteristics developed: 1. Creative consumption electronics; 2. Innovative green optoelectronics. Teaching and research provide undergraduates with cutting edge education.

The department is committed teaching and learning excellence and teaching staff offer outstanding courses on both practical and industry-apt levels of study. The curriculum promotes flexible study programs to meet personal needs.

Research plays one of important roles in the life of Department, and our staff is highly recognized in a number of areas covering the state-of-the-art technologies. According to main characteristics, research activities are organized into two groups: Consumption Electronics and Green Optoelectronics. All of laboratories are available for undergraduates, especially for innovative projects.

Nov 15, 2017