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Energy-Saving Center

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Energy-Saving Center

This center was established on Feb, 2000 in order to promote the energy-saving and earth-loving ideas among all students and teachers. The center belongs to the General Affairs Office, with one director and several clerks. All the members of the center are responsible for planning and auditing the whole facilities about water and electricity. The director should attend the administrative meeting and give suggestions for improvement. The establishment of energy-saving center is to strengthen the concept of energy conservation and make practical energy management measures to find out the feasible improvement program so that this will help to make the energy management reasonable and used effectively. The energy costs can be therefore reduced to improve competitiveness and achieve energy-saving goals.

Specific results:
1. The center and Department of Electrical Engineering has completed the installation of the digital high-frequency and high-performance T6 pipes among the Night School Office, classrooms in the first and second building to achieve high-quality lighting and energy-saving goals.
2. The center has completed night power-saving controllers for 63 drinking fountains.
3. The center has completed the installation of the water - saving faucets.
4. The center has won the 2001 energy-saving award from Ministry of Economic Affairs, ranked No. 1 among all universities.

Important Duties

The center is responsible for the energy management and audition and promote the environmental friendly concepts to strengthen the energy-saving ideas. This will help to make everybody promote energy-saving concepts voluntarily. The clerks of the center always check all the related facilities on campus. If there is something wrong, the spots will be improved immediately. In addition, other related jobs of the center area; closing the high voltage sides during long holidays, reducing copper and iron loss, and regular maintenance of clean air conditioners, lamps, boilers, periodic load, automatic control, night automatically power off for drinking fountains, and management for high power consumption.

Aug 29, 2017