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Introduction to College of Design

College of Design was established to coordinate with the national development in creative industry. For FEU tri-creative educational objectives, the creative design was actively promoted. In accordance with scientific recognition and the development concept of innovative industries, the new design shape with beauty and sensitivity are emphasized and the modern and worldview design are also valued to equip students with the abilities of interdisciplinary collaboration for the industrial demand.

1. Equip students with the abilities of engineering, business, aesthetics for interdisciplinary collaboration.
2. Equip students with the abilities of diversified industrial design through the instruction of innovative design styles.
3. Equip students with the abilities of creative thinking and shape style through the instruction of design styles and beauty.
4. Equip students with the abilities of cultural industrial design and with the integration of traditional crafts and modern product shape.

Instructional focus and features:
The curriculum planning is based on learn-to-do and learning-by-doing to teach students how to apply their professional knowledge and practical skills to different fields. With the emphasis on design aesthetics, graphic arts, intellectual and emotional design theory, students are taught to know how to describe, paint, and make shapes. For the purpose of aesthetic education, the combination of industries and universities will be actively promoted to form the technical and vocational education with interactive techniques, artistic industries and life. And students are encouraged to participate in the foreign or domestic design competitions to broaden their own viewpoints, which is helpful to the manpower cultivation of innovative industries.

Professional skills:
Including design of creative products, merchandising and marketing, modeling-art design, computer-aided design, design of visual media communication, innovation and practical design.

Depending on personal expertise and interests, including product design, graphic design, animation design, merchandising and management, product promotion, package design and photography design.

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Nov 15, 2017