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Department of Cosmetic Application & Management

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College of Hospitality and Leisure
Group: Hospitality and Leisure
International Admission: Bachelor

Department of Cosmetic Application and Management

Educational Objectives

  1. Equip students with humanistic literacy.
  2. Equip students with basic abilities in cosmetology, make-up and hairdressing.
  3. Equip students with the abilities in the application of cosmetic technologies.
  4. Equip students with the abilities in the business administration of cosmetic industries.
  5. Equip students with the international views.
  6. Equip students with the abilities in lifelong learning.

Curriculum Design

  1. The curriculum design focuses on cosmetic technologies and creative make-up, and also emphasizes the curricula of business administration.
  2. Establish a perfect occupation mechanism for students through the cooperation with make-up and hairdressing industries, beauty industries, cosmetics production and marketing industries.

Development Features

  1. Encourage students and teachers to develop unique creativity completely, and integrate the educational training in a specialized field to cultivate students’ expertise and problem-solving abilities.
  2. Completely integrate teachers with facilities in school to provide an excellent learning environment.

Teaching Facilities

  1. Colored drawing modeling classroom, hairdressing classroom, skincare classroom, and cosmetic hygiene classroom.
  2. Lab of beauty product blending, cosmetics inspection lab, and biotechnology center.

Advanced Study
Students can in domestic or foreign graduate institutes of cosmetology, make-up, hairdressing, and related graduate institutes of cosmetics production and marketing, such as fashion design, living science, home economics, cosmetic science, cosmetic science and biotechnology.


  1. The graduates can work as cosmetology trainers, professional cosmetologists, cosmetology consultants, cosmetologists of beauty body, bridal stylists, modeling stylists, medical cosmetologists, and aromatherapists.
  2. The graduates can set up personal studios such as beauty salons, modeling studios, cosmetic and hairdressing studios.
  3. The graduates can work as technicians of quality control, engineers of research and development, and engineers of cosmetics production.
The graduates can work as trainers of marketing management and cosmetology, or they can take the examination in Class B Technician Certificates of Cosmetology to work as technical teachers of cosmetology, and hairdressing cosmetologists.
Dec 15, 2014