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Introduction to college of Hospitality and Leisure

Human Ecology College was established on Aug, 1st, 2009 and was renamed college of Hospitality and Leisure in 2010.

The educational system is including: four-year college (daytime, night school, industry-academia school and five-year junior college)

There are 68 full-time teachers. Based on the industrial demands and FEU planning, the expertise and number for the teachers are overall decided. On one hand, the teachers are arranged to should learn the second specialty in accordance with the annual learning budget. And according to the curriculum needs, all the learning contents and candidates will be systematically planned are decided. On the other hand, the teachers will be continuously encouraged to study for Phd.

Connection with industries
In addition to the teachers of college of Hospitality and Leisure, the experts from industries are hired to teach our students. Through the visit, practice and activities for the professional training, the link between students and industries will be connected well. After graduation, the graduates can be engaged in the industries such as catering, tourism, leisure, sports, beauty, foreign language teaching, etc.

Emphasis on Development:
1. Enhance students’ humanities and creative thinking and problem-solving abilities in the fields of teaching, research, and industries.
2. Equip students with the abilities of management and service through the courses of workplace competitiveness and furthermore to improve the level of hospitality and leisure industry professionals.
3. Through the life education, students are equipped with the concepts of social care, proper values, interpersonal communication, professional ethics and morality. Through the integration of professional teachers and curriculum, students are equipped with the humanities and basic professional and application capabilities.
4. Through the combination with industries and faculty from industries, the graduates can be successfully employed and meet the demands.
5. With the improvement in management courses and through the usual training and improvement in students' professionalism, professional language proficiency and interpersonal relationship, equip students with the abilities of management.
6. Actively encourage students to participate in the national and international competitions, plans and the examinations of related professional certificates to enhance teachers’ and students’ competitiveness.

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