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Department of Creative Design

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College of Design
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International Admission: Bachelor

Department of Creative Product Design and Management

  Creative Design focuses on the integration of creative aesthetics, product design of innovative technology, cultural inheritance and presentation, creative product merchandising and design. With the national development, improvement in social life level and globalization, a new era of integrated learning design trend begins. Therefore, for more and more students who like to learn creative design, FEU has been constantly trying hard to become a creative, innovative, entrepreneurial university over the past years. Under this concept, Department of Creative Design is established to cultivate more outstanding talents of integration design. In response to the social development process, Cultural and creative industries and intelligent life design should be upgraded to improve the quality of life of people.
  The establishment of the Department is aimed at cultivating the professional talents of life aesthetics and creativity, product innovation design, cultural heritage, creative product marketing and design integration. The digital design technology and innovative methods and technology integration are the core subjects to equip students with the abilities in activity design, digital stereoscopic model, and solid three-dimensional model. The curriculum planning focuses on the application of design theory and design practice to make students develop their creative potential, and learn how to integrate design techniques and develop a lifelong learning habit. Finally, it is hoped that the graduates can get employment, make contributions and create social value.

Nov 15, 2017