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Computer Center

Tel: 886-6-5979566 ext 7171
Fax: 886-6-5977170
E-Mail: feucc@mail.feu.edu.tw
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Network planning group:
Network Address Assignment and Management.
Design and management of computer center web pages.
Network communication, security management and troubleshooting.
Technical support and management of academic units for connection.
Domain name server building and title management.
Faculty e - mail account construction and management.
Construction and management of electronic bulletin board.

Administrative business group:
Preparation and implementation of annual study plan.
Promotion and training of information education.
Lecture arrangement and book purchase.
Software purchase and storage.
Internship material procurement.
Computer classroom maintenance and management.
Promotion of protecting intellectual property

Software development group:
Planning and Design of Administrative Computerization.
Changes and revision of educational and academic systems.
General affairs system development.
Personnel system development.
Accounting system development .
Enrollment system development.
Alumni system development.
Other school automation systems Development .

Oct 6, 2017