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Introduction to Biotechnology Research Center

Industry-university cooperation and creative thinking are FEU development features. In order to make more significant achievement with industries, FEU has actively established some kinds of R&D centers and made efforts to develop techniques in every field and cooperate with industries. Up to now, there has been excellent performance in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology, precision machinery, sustainable materials and plastic precision processing.

In view of the development focus on practice for vocational and technological colleges, FEU established Biotechnology Research Center in August, 2004, which was led by Dr. Zhong Míng-jí, R & D chief. The team performed equipment, process and product development. The center was equipped with Supercritical Fluid Laboratory, Component Analysis Laboratory, Product Development Room and Pilot Production Pilot Plant. The center designed and developed by itself low-temperature and high-pressure supercritical fluid applications to make Chinese herbal medicine and natural active ingredients extracted and partly purified. The facility and techniques can be applied to medicine, food and any other industries related to biotechnology. Up to now, the center has been equipped with the production equipment of laboratory grade (0.5 liters) and yield grade (200 liters). And the center has filed the patent application for the related facilities and processing. With the progress in human civilization, it can be expected that the major industrial technology will focus on the application of supercritical fluid, which is a clean, safe, high efficiency and high-quality "green processing technology."

To extract Chinese herbal medicine and natural active ingredients is the other feature of Biotechnology Research Center to promote bio-technology application development. At present, there are three types of developed products.

1. Health food: Rhodiola Rosea (Vitality oxygen up up), Japanese white pine, Mulberry, Ginseng triple (energy), Roselle (phenols), Mei Gin (plum), Royal jelly, Propolis, Bee Sambo and other capsules.
2. Functional Drinks: Roselle, Rhodiola Rosea, Ginseng, Mulberry, other tea bag and Plum wine, Mulberry wine and Japanese white pine wine.
3. Beauty care products: Chinese Whitening lotion, Chinese moisturizing lotion solution, Comfrey ointment and other essence and soaps.

These products can be commercialized and attractive to industries during many exhibitions. And many manufacturers have come to express willingness to produce.

In terms of new technology, Biotechnology Research Center has started the development of the rapid expansion of supercritical solution(RESS), which can make extracts minimized to nano level. This is a major breakthrough in medicine and biotech products.

Dec 17, 2014