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President of Far East University

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President of Far East University
Dr. Yen-Zen Wang
●      National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) Bachelor of Marine Engineering
●      University of Southern California Master of Industrial Management
●      Alliant International University Phd of Business Administration

FEU Development Strategies
Focus: IDEAL
FEU focuses on students' creative thinking and problem-solving abilities in order that the whole FEU teachers and students can explore their own personal creativity and  use their own creative thinking abilities to face the immediate future.

Ethics and civic literacy provide the most solid basis for professional management and development, so FEU pays great attention to the cultivation of students' morality and civic literacy.

FEU has always been encouraging teachers to teach excellently as their own self-expectation. Through the implementation of the school teaching excellence program, it's deeply expected that the excellent talents can be cultivated for the country.

In addition to actively seeking cooperation with other high-quality universities, FEU is also actively working with domestic and foreign manufacturers to invite the industries to establish strategic alliances, promote industrial-academic cooperation, learn from each other, and share resources together to achieve reciprocal goals.

"Love students" and "care for students" which have long been the basic and constant concept of FEU, are widely recognized and supported by parents.

100: Sustainable Development

Not only should FEU financial structure be sound, but also FEU should also boost the administrative efficiency, establish a safe, healthy and humane learning environment, accelerate campus reconstruction, and pursue FEU excellence to make FEU a lighthouse university among all technical colleges and universities.
Oct 31, 2017