::: College of Engineering :::


(1) Equipping students with innovation, professional knowledge and humanism in order to meet the requirements of the society and industry.

(2)  Integrating all the teachers and facilities among departments in order to become a technical support of the industry and to conform to the industrial development of regions.

(3)  Realizing the industrial development and improving the research and development of technology.

(4)  Fulfilling the cooperative mechanism between the industry and the academia in order to promote the students¡¦ competitiveness.

Focal Point of Development

(1) Integrating all the teachers among departments in order to do researches on precise production, techniques on materials, mechanical and electrical integration, green science, etc.

(2)  Integrating all the departments, institutes and centers in order to achieve the goal of sharing resources and to finish the sharing mechanism between the R&D center and departments.

(3)  Integrating all the curricula of departments and planning the professional programs of students.

(4)  Fulfilling the cooperation between the industry and the academia and conforming to the students¡¦ special topics in order to shorten the gap between the school education and industrial techniques.

Developmental Goals

Teaching (Counselling)

(1)  Conforming to the teaching excellence project and enhancing students¡¦ competitiveness with the foundation of the education of innovation.

(2)  Strengthening the counseling of jobs for students.


(1)  Strengthening the integration between the research team and college of engineering for different fields.

(2)  Improving the teachers¡¦research, works and the cooperation between the industry and academia.


Enhancing the function of the Innovation Center in order to promote the industrial upgrading.

Development Strategy

Curriculum Planning and Integration

(1)  According to the characteristics of different departments, different curricula are planned and there are four major integrated aspects,¡§precise production¡¨,¡§techniques on materials¡¨,¡§mechanical and electrical integration¡¨, and ¡§green science¡¨.

(2)  Setting up the special curricula of college in order to broaden the learning field and to make full use of the resources.

(3)  Establishing the curricula of jobs.

(4)  Planning the curricula with the standard of techniques, the foundation of innovation, and the field of special topics in order to promote students¡¦ competitiveness.

(5)  Planning the certification of the engineering education in order to promote the competitiveness of the department.

Planning and integrating teaching staff

(1)  Reviewing the curricula and their integration according to the development of college and departments for the purpose of employing teachers.

(2)  Employing teachers with professional specialties about the college development.

(3)  Establishing the experienced research team inclusive of professors in order to promote the research level.

(4)  Encouraging teachers to participate in the jobs in the fields to increase their practical experience.

Cooperation between Industry and Academia, Research, and Integration

(1)  Encouraging teachers to cooperate with the industries on the basis of patents.

(2)  Through the R&D committee, encouraging the transverse integrated research with the R&D center.

(3)  Encouraging the vertical integrated research, such as the Sustainable Material Research Center.

(4)  Establishing the interchanging association of the related industries in order to increase the opportunities to aid the industries.

(5)  Conforming to the Innovation Center of Precise Machinery and combining with the related authorities of the industries for the purpose of getting the resource for the industries and helping open new enterprises.